DG10 Tournament Shuttlecock (50 Tubs)

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The DG-10 are Approved by the Badminton World Federation (B.W.F).

The DG-10 are similar to Yonex AS 50 Feather Shuttlecocks, but with a much more affordable price. 

The DG-10 are precision-manufactured to ensure the correct speed, distance and stability performance

The DG-10 are Professional Feather Badminton Shuttlecocks. Genuine goose feather highly durable and long-lasting shuttlecock. Suitable for International level tournament play. 

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The DG-10 is LEIPAI top of the line feather shuttlecock. Approved by the Badminton World Federation (B.W.F). It is made using a special grade goose feather. This shuttlecock is used in most major badminton tournaments around the world.


  • Approved by the Badminton World Federation (B.W.F)
  • Feather: Goose
  • Flight: A+
  • Full Solid  natural Cork
  • Durability: A+
  • Consistency: A+
  • Quantity: 12 pcs
  • Foil Lining For Thermal Protection

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