We love badminton, We love this sport!

We, like you, as a badminton fan and player, We truly understand how important a good shuttlecock is to us.

Maybe you already have your own badminton brand, but still worry about quality control. Maybe you are thinking about owning your own brand and rushing to find a reliable source.

 Let me introduce our shuttlecock brand K&L to you.

  • K&L shuttlecocks #1 (Limited Edition) are Similar to Yonex As-30

  • K&L shuttlecocks #2  Black Label are Similar to Aeroplane EG1130

  • K&L shuttlecocks #3 Blue Label are similar to Yonex AS-05

  • K&L shuttlecocks #4 Green Label are similar to RSL #4

After many local enthusiasts have tried and tested, we firmly believe that you will like our shuttlecocks. It will bring you a highly durable and long-lasting experience. As a manufacturer, we will adjust the weight and speed of our shuttlecocks in time according to the local temperature and humidity. Additionally, with 15 years of experience in production shuttlecock OEM, we have been successfully recognized by many customers in different countries. Working together with our partners, our monthly sales exceed 4000/DZ tubes in the US. We hope you can join us in the near future and experiment with our K&L shuttlecocks.

please contact us at INFO@store1688.com